sound installations

Synaptic Lapses (2019)

Collaboration with Jorge Bachmann installed at Code and Canvas Gallery in San Francisco.

An arrangement of piezo discs connected by wire and magnets create a networked speaker through which a collage of field recordings taken in states of waiting played into the space. Installed in a corner of the gallery, the improvised and randomly wired form on one wall contrasts with a measured grid on the other suggesting left and right brain functions at play when the mind is free to wander. Included in a group show titled While I’m Waiting.

Noise / Pollution


Plastic objects collected in various locations and through personal consumption were used as sound objects activated by percussive actions and as containers and barriers through which to mediate field recordings. The collected objects were then arranged to create visual accompaniment to the sound recording played through two sets of headphones. This piece was exhibited at Architects Institute of America’s San Francisco office in response to a call for works imagining future cities.

88 Repetitive Actions in Search of Origins


Exhibited at Space 151, a gallery in a former paint factory warehouse in San Francisco, this piece works with soil and water as harbors of origins of microbial life. Working with these materials in relation to a group show themed “origins,” the piece considers soil and water as they occur naturally and have been shaped by humans to provide foundations of civilization through thinking during repetitive actions of filling 88 small jars by hand with soil and collecting water recordings in various environments both encountered and controlled.

Tahoe Sonification Project


Working with a group of musicians and environmental scientists at UC Davis through a seminar led by Sam Nichols, this group piece sonified data collected from sensors installed in Lake Tahoe through custom software built in max/MSP. Each musician developed their own software patch and worked with different sets of data which were combined into one master software patch and spatialized through an array of speakers at Third Space Gallery in Davis, California.