March 2019


After a couple years of improvising, recording and arranging our efforts, this percussion & voice album with Gretchen Jude titled hirakito has been published as a limited edition CD by Full Spectrum records.

more information on the CD here

digital streaming format here

a brief interview with some context here


February 2019

A new compilation of solo percussion on tsss tapes, the inaugural release from this label in Spain, includes a track of mine for snare drum and bells - a continuing exploration of unstable objects.

Listen to “free percussion”


Winter 2018

Video from my October performance at MIJI concert series in Beijing has been shared to the sub jam video channel. This performance explores musical gesture at the threshold of sound-producing and sound-accompanying movements.

Thanks to Yan Jun, Ake & Anzi.


A video excerpt from my duo improvisation with Jin Sangtae at Dotolim in Seoul has been shared here - intersections of mechanized and embodied sounds.

Thanks to Jin Sangtae & Inkyung Kim