recent solo work

Presence is a collection of excerpts from recent solo performances focused on percussion and cassette tapes. Partly composed and partly improvised, these pieces work with the limitation of using only instruments which can fit in one small snare drum bag in order to travel lightly and focus on broad sonic potential in each musical object.

Overhearing is a collection of field recording pieces in an ongoing series focused on lo-fi recording in various locations. The use of lo-fi here refers to the casual equipment used in making these recordings (usually a smartphone, sometimes a pocket-sized digital recorder), and also to R. Murray Schafer’s use of the term to describe situations in which a density of sounds obscures the perspective of any one sound. Rather than lament the erasure of perspective as Schafer did, these pieces celebrate the multitude of perspectives encountered when listening in eventful places. Overhearing, then, is both a practice of eavesdropping and of experiencing an abundance of sound from one listening position.

More listening at these locations:

Specific Entropies is a collection of electroacoustic compositions for percussion, feedback and field recordings made between 2010 and 2017.

States of Instability is an edited version of an earlier work made as a single-track limited edition CDR for a tour in 2016, an exploration of unstable objects in both found and controlled situations through field recording and percussion performance.

Hirakito is a collaboration with Gretchen Jude exploring improvised percussion and voice working with a dual relation to field recording.

Invasive Species is an ongoing project of improvised drum duos with Jonathon Bafus.

Soundcloud hosts a few more solo works and some excerpts of live collaborations.